Art gallery

The gallery and framing studio is a vibrant venue situated along the bustling Fourth Avenue in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. It is a welcoming space that challenges the notion of art galleries as ‘white boxes and whispered conversations’. It has played host to exhibitions, performance art, auctions, poets, musicians and wine tastings.

Our first love is for art on paper. Whether it is a print-making technique such as etching, silk screening, lithograph or linocut, or whether it is a drawing or a photographic print, art on paper is at what we excel.

The focus is on artwork that explore contemporary issues of self, of our relationships with others, with our environment and the fruits of our civilization. Some work will strike a political note and some will appear entirely conceptual in its construction. The strive is for beauty, for harmony between concept and execution.

An important philosophy of The Art Room is to nurture new talent. Not only do group exhibitions afford young artists the opportunity to show their work alongside established artists, but they also allow the first-time buyer a position of entry into the excitement of building an art collection.

The Art Room produces a constant flow of exhibitions right through the year. There are also unframed artworks available from the Editions Box. So please feel free to come and view the exhibitions, browse through the Editions Box or just to have a chat about art.

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